B e c o m i n g
— cmr

I have this grand notion. I think of myself as an artist. Not the  kind whose heart bleeds out onto the canvas, but instead the page. I reconstruct worlds with my words while deconstructing paradigms that have been fed to me. Here, I use the tools I’ve been given; taking these 26 magical l e t t e r s and transforming them over and over again to create something new. The letters- are my oils and pastels, this blog- my canvas, the internet- my gallery, and you- are my guest. I am inviting you into my small  world, giving you a glimpse of what goes on under these curls while I figure it out myself. You will find stories of my life, advice, anecdotal tales, and the occasional self therapy session. For my readers who know me in person, you may be surprise by some of the things you read- I apologize for nothing.