I Wish

I Wish


I wish you knew how truly special you are

I wish you embraced how brave and bold I know you can be

I wish you ran full force, rather than half speed-


Take no offense

I know you don’t run this way intentionally

I wish when you looked in the mirror you saw the greatness I see rather than what you consider flaws

And by see it is not beauty that I speak

It’s what’s underneath the locks

The freckled skin

The glimpses of yourself I’ve gotten the privilege encounter

The character that shines through your actions amazes me

Yes, I could say that your kind, funny, and smart,

But I’m not writing this on the back of some generic card


You are genuine


I wish, other people knew just how dedicated you are

Not to materialistic possessions or titles

But to the people you love, and the God you serve


I wish you stood tall when walking into a room

I wish you wouldn’t let people walk over you

I wish you knew how smart you really are

I wish you would speak up more, but only when it matters

I wish you knew, and truly believed, that good things take time

And your time will come

The time when whatever you are dreaming becomes reality and is a dream no more

I really wish you knew, you are deserving of true love

A love much greater than what you’ve already dreamt up

So, if it’s not better than that, lay it down, put it to rest

Bury it

I wish you knew it’s not far off

I wish you didn’t get discouraged

I wish you would take a deep breath

I wish all the same for me, and I know you thought this poem was selfless but you

You inspired me

Watching you made realized all of the things I did and did not want to be

I wish we were both further along on our journeys

But most of all I wish we could pause right here

At 22 and 23

When I am old and grey I wish

 I could pull this portion of my life out my pocket, and see

See the girl who I could not stand four years ago become my best friend

The girl who changed and challenged me

I wish I could pause this and enjoy our final moments

I wish you knew how much you have affected me

Changed me

Helped me

Loved me

I wish I had better words

I wish we had more time

If I could I would more authentically relay the sentiments turning in my mind

I wish I could express how grateful I am for you

I just

Wish you knew.

Chantel Rivera