“So dear, what do you want to be when you grow up”?

“Happy.” happy, happy, happy

Um. I guess she doesn’t get


Like John, I got it

It’s you who can’t understand

When I grow up my title

Won’t define who I am


Younger me wanted a role

You encouraged me to find one

You said there was safety in

Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Wife

Now no one ever said---

Stop. You did.




It starts in


“What do you want to be when…”


“That’s my boy, the star…”


“What’s your major? Really? Will you even find a…?”


“So what do you..............?”

Do? Is that what you were going to ask me?

I know your next thought as soon as I reply

I think it too


I’m not blaming you

 I’m the one who made the mistake

Somewhere along the way I confused my purpose with the roles I play

And when I did that I attached my purpose to my external abilities

We seek, and pray, and worry that we’ll somehow miss it


The external roles we play are bound to change

Wrapping my worth in the roles of the day to day

Leaves me lost with no direction when things come to an end

My mistake was looking outward when I should have looked within


If my purpose was to whistle

That is already a part of me

So, I’ll whistle while I work

Whistle taking the kids to school

Whistle while I teach

Wash dishes

Get my degree



Teacher Mom Student Friend Grandparent Doctor Lawyer Janitor


Don’t define us


Your role has already been designed waiting inside

Dig deep, and take your time



Chantel RiveraComment