Year 23

Year 23

Achievements, Transitions, Frustrations – oh my

A time of more questions than answers

Having to intentionally learn how to renew my mind

Removing words from my vocabulary like

Fearful and Why


Moving swiftly and prayerfully, yet never with caution

Dear friendships lost,

Slowly faded

Unintentionally forgotten

While others grow stronger

Figuring out how to take shape in this new space


Scripture, coming to life

As I now live what I’ve heard preached

For years hearing the same thing

Never knowing what they mean

Understanding the sentiment of testimonies told

Now I empathize having tasted fire, but nowhere near gold


“He’s never failed me yet”

It’s what the elders say

Knowing this for yourself will pull you out of your darkest days


Dreams and prayers realized, but never meeting expectations

Most are exceeded while others are currently under construction

Learning that 90% of what stops us is what stares back in the mirror

Learn to move past that and the possibilities become clearer


Knowing and Doing, are two completely separate things

The only things worth doing are those that impact eternity


This is simply a prelude to the multitude of things I’ve come to realize

And the smallest glimpse of what is to come of this life


If there’s one thing I hold onto-

It’s that there is power in pure and honest gratitude.

Being grateful can cure a multitude of the questions or worries in one’s mind.

Gratefulness isn’t complacency, and learning to be truly grateful is a gift.


I am grateful for every moment in the past 23 years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 59 mins because they have led me to here, and in just a few seconds begins

My 24th year.