4. Beauty Ban

Hello Budget Babes,

Don’t worry I won’t make that a thing. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a chance to look at your own finances at this point and have been able to make some adjustments. If so, yas! Let’s do this together. If your still not sure or you're just here for the viewing part, well you can still save some extra change with a few of these tips.

Ladies, if you are at home go to your bathroom and open your medicine cabinet. Look in your shower. Go to your vanity. Then come back here. I’ll wait. I’m sure what most of you saw was an overload of hair, makeup, skin, and other hygiene and beauty products. Some ranging from drugstore prices to fairly bougie, because you were just feeling yourself that day. If you’re a natural-oh my word there is no telling how many bottles of conditioner you have sitting on the ledge of your tub right now.

When I moved from MS to NY it happened extremely fast. I went from not being sure if it was going to happen to, okay I need to sell everything I own and pack my entire life into my car in four days. Whatever didn’t fit in or on my ’06 Impala had to stay. As I was going through all my things I noticed I had a ridiculous amount of beauty products (hair products, soaps, face products, etc.). The majority of products had been half used and were just sitting on the counter, and I was still buying more every time I went to Target. Sound familiar? After giving away half of the products I hadn’t even used yet I still had a large bag full of things to pack in the car. If you’ve seen my previous post, then you already know about my financial hardship when I first got to NY. There was zero room for anything extra. I decided I would only use exactly what I had. Even if I ran out of my favorite everyday products I could not buy more until I finished using what was in my bathroom.

It has been nine months since I moved, and I still haven’t had to buy face wash, and I just had to buy soap because I finally ran out. I have no clue why I had that many soaps, but I did (yes I shower every day, don’t be gross). Some of you could run a bath and body works shop right out of your own house, so it might be a year before you need to buy soap and lotion again.  Even after nine months of not needing to buy any products I STILL  have a drawer full of goodies.

You may be thinking there is no possible way you use your products every day. Girl, I don’t play when it comes to moisturizing this face okay. The fact remains that I had so many things that I didn’t, or just partially used, before buying something ‘new’ to try out I basically had a mini inventory under my sink. Here’s the plan budget babes (last time I sorta promise)! While we try to turn our financial boss babe dreams into a reality I’m calling a beauty ban.

Gather every beauty product you own and take inventory. How many shampoos, conditioners, toners, face washes, body scrubs, eye pallets, perfumes, bath soaps, and all the other products we buy, do you have? Take out one of everything you use and put the rest away somewhere. When you run out of a product go over the drawer you put all your extra products and take out what you need. The reason you want to only have out what you will use daily is to get your mind use to using just what is there. You won’t have to sort through so many options and you’ll simplify your routine. It may feel good to know that you have five options to choose from, but as you trim down you realize you won’t need all five options at the same time. Plus we're saving bank here not buy products every time a new line drops. We know how much we really spend on all this stuff. Now take that money and put it towards reducing debt or building savings. Your skin will glow without that new highlighter, I promise.


Now if beauty products don't apply to your situation exactly take a look at some other areas you may be able to cut back on.  Let do this!