5. Extreme Week

Extreme Weeks! A quick way to find out what you’re resistances skill are really made of-but really. Extreme Week is a concept that I found out about through Jordan Page from funcheaporfree.com. She and her husband Bubba (legit his name) have an amazing story about how they paid off over ten thousand dollars of debt in a year! Now, they made drastic changes to their lives for a period of time, but now they are debt free and teaching people how to get their themselves, and this is one of their methods.

I know this is called Extreme “Week” but it is actually a ten-day long process. Starting right now, not Monday, unless it’s actually Monday when you are reading this, you will spend zero money for the next 10 days. What! That’s not even possible- oh but it is. For the next ten days, you are not allowed to buy anything. No toys, gifts, groceries, dollar menu biscuits-nada. No extra anything. You can only pay bills you are required to pay, don’t skip out on your rent, and transportation cost. Now if you have no toilet paper in your house right now, and absolutely zero food then go buy the bare necessities you will need for ten days and put the wallet away. Now, if you’re just craving fish, but you have chicken in the freezer- no no, eat the chicken. Of course, if there is an emergency then do what you need to do, but know that being hungry, 30 mins away from home, and not wanting to cook when you get there is NOT an emergency.

Be prepared, you’re probably going to get invited to 10 million things in the next 10 days because of course the moment you say you’re going to do something the world has to test us #suchislife. Be strong though because your wallet will thank you later.

Why on earth would I do this?

If you haven’t caught on by now this isn’t just about saving money and reaching financial goals. It’s always about training our minds to say no because we don’t need everything we see. For most of us, that is what got us into this pickle in the first place. There are a lot of things to do that don’t involve spending money. Again, life won’t always be this way. Just be willing to do that hard work now so it will pay off later. Of course, I would never advise you to do something I haven’t already done or wasn’t willing to do myself.

After finishing my first Extreme Week, with the money I didn’t mindlessly spend I was able to pay off the rest of my smallest portion of my debt. So, the $1000 personal loan is GONE. Can we just take a moment? It really is a small victory when looking at everything else, but I did it and that feels really freaking good! My goal is to learn how to keep the mindset I have during Extreme Weeks all year round, but baby steps because it was tough. A few things not captured in the vlog were every time we ran out of a staple item in the house or couldn’t do the more convenient thing and go buy an item we felt we needed rather than using what was already available to us. In times where I fail to prep and plan, well those weren’t fun either during the 10 days, but the sacrifice was worth it when I made that final payment and had one less dollar hanging over my head!!


Let’s recap shall we,

No spending starting right now

No going out to prep. Whatever is in your house right now will do. It’s the apocalypse baby. Let’s test those survival skills.

The ONLY cash you can spend is on bills and transportation (gas or public)

This challenge is 10 days long, and yes you will survive.


Click here to see my extreme week and all the way’s I saved my dough. Then get ready because you’re next.


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