Why Our Resolutions Don't Stick

Why Our Resolutions Don’t Stick

#Newyearnewme. I’m not sure if many of us believe this anymore. I took a recent poll of my family and friends and when I ask everyone what their New Year’s Resolutions were. Everyone responded- “I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions anymore.” -What!?! Now, I don’t believe everyone I asked had been beaten up by 2017 and had lost all hope for 2018. I think what people are beginning to realize is that just wanting, or saying you want, something isn’t enough to make it come to pass. It's now February and you may have already forgotten your resolutions since going back to work and dealing with life. This is why mine, yours, and my friend’s resolutions from years past have never seen the light of day past January 8th (if they even make it that far). I am one of those annoyingly optimistic people who believe that part of the beauty of life is trying repeatedly even if you fail. With each time you try, you should, be learning something new. This year, I wanted to go back to trying resolutions since I had switched to just doing one big New Years theme a few years ago. This year I’m going about it in a different way...

Write it out

This is basic but important. Write out what you want. Don’t just write it in a journal or some notebook to be shoved away in a drawer. Write it somewhere that you can see it every single day, so you are reminded of that thing that you wanted to change. We get busy with life, and only during periods of reflection do we think about what we wish we could have changed. So, whatever that was for you during the New Year, remind yourself of it every day.

Map it out

Don’t just say you want to do something. Times past has proven that’s not enough. You will now need to plan how you are going to achieve your goal. If you want to pay off debt this year you’ll need to plan a budget. See how you much you need to set aside each month to put towards your debt. What will you cut back on? Will you work overtime or get side jobs for extra money? Will you sell old furniture? How much will you pay monthly to reach your goal? How much will you have to put aside weekly to make sure you make those monthly payments? I know it’s a lot, but only at first. Work out the logistics so you have a guide on how to reach your goal!

Set a Deadline

If your goal doesn’t have a deadline it’s not a goal, it’s a dream. Deadlines do a few things. They keep us on track with what we are aiming to accomplish, they make us accountable, and it brings a sense of reality to a situation. So rather than saying I want to pay off debt in 2018 or I want to start a business. You can say I want to pay of $5,000 of my debt by August of 2018. You can also set smaller goals within your bigger one just make sure they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).  


This is the part that gets us. We get so busy with the day to day our minds get caught up in the white noise that often surrounds us, and our goals and resolutions don’t cross our minds again until December 26.  Since you’ve written out your resolutions, and have mapped out how you’re going to get there, take the time to revisit them each week. Yes. For 52 weeks you will look at what you wrote and monitor your progress. This is how you hold yourself accountable to the things you want to achieve. Be your own annoying micromanaging boss, and see what happens.

Cheers to 2018 and may you have new resolutions for next year!

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