Hygge {hoo-ga}


Summer is coming to an end and I honestly could not be happier. Back up North for the first time in eight years, I can’t really complain because the weather was nothing compared to the sweltering heat and humidity of the South. I’m ready for all things Autumn and Hygge [hoo-ga]. If you’ve never heard of Hygge it is a Danish term to describe all things cozy, sentimental, and warm. It’s like aesthetic Autumn Tumblr photos, on steroids- but real. Pop Hygge into Google, Pinterest, or YouTube, and you’ll be loaded down with tons of information if you want to learn more about this Danish way of life.

I am going to share with you my top five ways to Hygge-fy my life for the Fall, but of course, on a budget. We can’t forget the #ahtfinanceseries.

1.       Candles


If you happened to look up Hygge already, you’ll see that candles are the number one requirement. You cannot, CANNOT, have Hygge without candles, or at the very least soft lighting. My absolute favorite candles are DW home, and you can find these at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They are inexpensive and smell amazing. When the Autumn collection comes out anything pumpkin or cider scented is a must! If scented candles aren’t your thing then buy a pack of unscented tea light candles from Walmart or Ikea, and Hygge it up. When my candle supply runs low, or my grandmother threatens me because she thinks I’ll burn the house down, low watt light bulbs are the way to go. I have three lamps in my room all with low watt bulbs, and I rarely ever turn on the overhead light. Remember, lighting is key for setting the Hygge atmosphere.


2.       The Hygge-Krog


Real life happening here...

Real life happening here...

Everyone has their nook, or chair, or spot where they like to get comfy. Your dad may kick you out of his recliner because whether he knows it or not, that is his Hygge-Krog. However, for it to really be Hygge it must be a no work, no screen zone. I’m not talking about dedicating a whole room to coziness. I live in an apartment, okay, I don’t have that type of square footage. My Hygge-Krog is a simple red chair with a mini ottoman and a lamp. When it's not piled with clean laundry from last week that I’ll never get around to folding, it holds me and the pile of books I’m making my way through. Essentials for your Hygge-Krog are a blanket, music or something to read, a warm beverage, and your favorite treat. The idea is to shut your brain off and relax for a min. Your phone won’t miss you, just breath.


3.       Treats

I have the worst sweet tooth, and during the winter it is all-consuming. All I want to do is bake and eat, bake and eat. There’s something about your home smelling like apple crumble and cinnamon that makes me feel, happy, or hungry. To help curb my sweet tooth just a little I tend to go for a warm beverage that has a sweet flavor. My favorite recipes are crockpot pumpkin spice lattes, and crock pot apple cider (favorite psl recipie is linked). Of course, there’s always the classics, coffee, and tea.


4.       A Hearty Meal

Because why wouldn’t food make a double appearance on this blog post 😉. Think of your favorite meal from your grandma’s kitchen. That’s what you need for Hygge! Anything that is slow cooked, comes in soup form, or reminds you of Christmas dinner is perfectly acceptable. Hygge isn’t a one time a year type of thing. You can Hygge every day, so maybe think portion control for this one.


5.       All things Cozy

Aside from the candles, this is my absolute favorite part of Hygge. Blankets, fuzzy socks, oversized sweaters, and a fire. Or in my case, the Yule Log on YouTube because again, #apartmentlife. Anything that makes you feel warm and cozy is Hygge worthy.



Hygge is meant to be comforting and fun. It’s a way to breathe some life into the drab winter months ahead. Look around your house and see what you already have and use that. Don’t go out and buy a new fuzzy blanket, a stack of books you’ll never touch, a special mug, and new socks just for Hygge, that’s silly. This a stress-free budget-friendly way to spruce up your home for Autumn. Wash those blanket you have stored in the closet, breathe some new life into the things you already possess, light a few candles, and invite Hygge in. Happy Fall {sorta}.