Hey I’m Chantel
— TBH...

All of the pretty pictures you'll see on this blog only portray a fourth of the real me. When I first started this blog I was a 22 year old college student a semester away from graduating, and was terrified at the idea of going into the real world. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Food Systems and the realization that I did not want to work in the field I had spent countless hours of my life studying. (Yeah internet friends- that stings!) My plans were flushed down the toilet in just one semester. Flash forward to today I am 23, live in New York, and still have no idea what I am doing #yas.  What I do know is that I have, a passion for writing, and I am not quite sure where this will take me. As I try to come to grips with all of this I am taking the advice of my father which is,

“The difference between where you end up in life and where everyone else ends up is not wealth or status. It is what you do with the opportunities given to you.” Basically his way of saying you better figure it out kid just like every body else (Thanks Dad). As I share, stories,poetry, advise, and whatever else pops into my young mind, I will be sharing bits and pieces of myself, the people who help create my world, and give it meaning. There is nothing I love more than sitting around with a bunch of friends enjoying a home cooked meal and great conversation. So join me Around Her (my) Table where life happens.