A Series Of Conversation


A Series Of Conversation is a story that takes place over many years and also within a short amount of time. Parts are written in a rhythmic poetic form and other parts are just blaring thoughts being spilled out on the page. A clue for the reader, don’t try to understand it all because you won’t. Appreciate the metaphors you can relate to and just enjoy the rest, or don’t- up to you. The series is made up of inner dialogue, memories from the past, actual conversations, self-reflection and more.

To make things less confusing I will explain some details now that will be helpful to understand as you read.

I refer to myself in the third person throughout the series

I, her, she: can all refer to me

You: This character is both the protagonist and antagonist of the story, but most of all it’s the person I’ve learned the most about this part of myself from

Comfort: this term will be used for a lot of things throughout this series. It may represent a way of thinking, a situation, another person, etc. The idea is staying with what is familiar and whatever that represents during parts of this story.

Inner Dialogue: There will be entire posts of inner dialogue. You know those pretend conversations you have with your self or with another person full of things you “should” have said but didn’t.

All inner dialogue post will be written in this font. 

For now, that’s all. I’ll let you read and figure out the rest. Pull up a chair, and have a seat at my table.

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