The Moment

I recently found one of my journals from elementary school. Even then I had a fascination with writing, and I came across an old poem I wrote. When I read it I (1) Had to laugh because I'm not sure what was going on in my 9-year-old life at the time, and (2) laughed even harder because I'm not sure if I could express myself this way at 23. Nevertheless, please enjoy the 'Romantic Stylings' of 9-year-old Chantel Rivera in, "The Moment".

The Moment

"I love you", but

I ask, "do you love me"?

You stop and think before you answer

I say to myself wise man, but

Out loud I call you stupid

"Why such a long pause"? I ask

You say

"In a relationship, there should be no gray area when it comes to something like this, no mixed feelings." 

 Suddenly I understand

I hug you and call you a sweet man

As you walk me to my door you gently kiss me on my nose

"I love you," you say

A single tear rolls down my check

We stare at each other

All feels right in the world


I hope you have enjoyed the romantic stylings of my young mind. I promise I didn't change a single word lol. I wish I could remember if I wrote this about someone back then, or if I wrote this just thinking about what love and relationships would be like in the future (aka now in my 20's). Was anyone else this moved at such a young age? 

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