So, It's Been a While

Hey everyone. I realize it has been more than a minute. As much as I would love to say I’ve been working on some secret project, or kicking butt on my finance series these past few months none of that is true. In fact I took a three month hiatus from my blog and a two month break from social media. Not for the purposes of fasting or spiritual growth, but because I needed to stop looking at everyone live their lives, and take a long hard look at my own.

Life after graduation can leave your head spinning. Especially when you realize you’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a piece of paper that most times feels like it equates to just that- paper. Since moving and trying to phase into ‘actual adulthood’ I have realized several things. 1. Health insurance in exponentially important (vote people). 2. You need a job with benefits, because hourly pay is pure caca. 3. Cereal is it’s own food group. Why? Because it’s the only thing I can manage after a full days work. 4. How? How? HOW!!!!? do people my age do this (“this” as in life) with kids already? Still mind blown about that part.

But really. If you’ve read my blog then you know I talk about choices a lot and the power there is in choosing. I don’t think people, myself included, have the right to complain when you don’t make choices that help you get to where you want to be in life. Newflash: things don’t just magically fall together because real life isn’t a RomCom. In this current stage of my life those choices look like…

  1. Deciding to go back to school

  2. What career path to take

  3. How involved to be in church

  4. Choosing to build friendships/relationships

  5. Confronting everyday difficult task and pushing ahead or standing in place

    I think I’m somewhere in the middle of all these things right now. If you asked me what my biggest fear was when I was little I might have said the dark. As an adult it’s getting stuck on a cycle to no where. AKA: unfulfilled potential. That’s what these past few weeks have been about for me. Taking the time not only reflect, but also make moves to ensure that doesn’t happen. Do I feel like I’ve got it all figured out? Not at all. Do I have a general direction to start moving in? Yes fam, I do! That’s kind of where it begins. If you’ve felt stuck maybe take a long break from watching everyone and their success stories. Though they might be inspiring, they’re not your own. Instead turn off the distractions and start to map out what it is you want out of this life.

    On a whole other note, as the holidays start approaching there will be more consistent content coming your way. My hiatus is over and my blog baby is back on my radar #abouttime.

    Guess that’s it!


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